Fresh Relationships

LAU is best labeled as the “diversity university”. Its students are exposed to a gender-balanced, multicultural and multi-religious population which creates an interesting social mix. Hence, it gives every individual a great opportunity to interact, be introduced to new cultures and it creates more space for activities and relationships between peers. However, this also is known to be the difference between LAU and other universities.

Many people say it’s only about the social class where LAU is ranked as one of the most expensive universities in Lebanon. However, LAU is a free-open society that maybe gives more freedom for its students than other universities, its position in the middle of Beirut makes it as a central point where college students from different backgrounds, beliefs and nationalities can meet.

Therefore, relationships between males and females in a university such as LAU is a big controversial issue, where those who are with and they say it is a very important stage where an individual can start testing his ability to deal with the other sex and start thinking of his or her future partner, and those who are against  say that feelings which an individual might have for another person will go at the time this person leaves university or graduates and he or she will see things from a different perspective. Love is a common experience between LAU students and it has been ages where youth and romanticism are related.

Freshmen and sophomores are more likely to belief in romantic ideas about love such as “love at first sight” and “love conquers all” than juniors and seniors. While some couples experience love feelings upon the first meeting and find love helpful in motivating them to resolve conflicts, many couples discover that love develops over time and that managing conflict in relationships takes work.

Therefore, many believe that one’s relationship status is associated with his or her belief in the power of love to solve all problems. Relationships characterized by romance and passion are likely to be among the most satisfying for both genders. In spite of all these factors and opinions, the main question remains “How long would such relationships last?” Some argue that these relationships may not last for so long because now or later the couple will discover that they indeed had feelings for each other, but the main reason that they were together is that both of them were in need of this relationship to feel safe and stable emotionally at a certain level. They add that these relationships are just a matter of two persons liking each other and “giving it a try” as long as they are in the same university and they are able to see each other more often. Yet, many problems such as jealousy, peer pressure and gossip occur because the couple is at the same university and the same campus.

On the other hand, some people might give you many examples of relationships that succeeded and lived with the couple even after graduation and sometimes lead to marriage.  They explain that these serious relationships are the best answer for those who say that it is most likely for them to end whenever the couple leaves university. They add that university level is so important for the person to test themselves concerning relationship with the other sex because they are mature enough to go through this experience which will decide their direction in life.

Briefly, we can say that it is clear that relationships in college cannot just be evaluated and judged randomly. There are many aspects to be taken into consideration because if we go deeply into every story of each couple, weather their relationship continued after university or not. Therefore, it won’t take us a long time to know that it depends mainly on both persons, they can make their relationship live and they can just let it be memories of their university years without forgetting the problems and the external factors they might face of course which might affect both of them as well as their relationship.


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