There are many different definitions of new media and it’s very massive. We can say that new media is a generic term for the many different forms of electronic communication that are made possible through the use of computer technology. The term is in relation to “old” media forms, such as print newspapers and magazines that are static representations of text and graphics. New media includes websites, emails, chat rooms, online communities, and many more.

 What does new media mean to you was outr second project. In this project we had to interview 3 different people from 3 different age groups and ask them a couple of different questions about new media. We were asked to record a video from our own mobile phones and then upload them through YouTube after customizing them.

 Although I asked the same questions to the three interviewees, I found it them very different from each others. Of course that was because of the difference of age, experiences, interests, and of course the use of the media. For instance, Jude finds that media doesn’t have that much of advantages and she thinks it’s a waste of time. But, Mohamad and Fadi say that the media has a lot of advantages to people and that every new technology is a new experience.

On the other hand, I found some similarities between the three. For example all of them didn’t have a blog or a twitter and they weren’t really interested in knowing about them. They also think it’s a waste of time not knowing that it’s the easiest way to know about the world. I think that was because they haven’t tried them before. I’m sure that as soon as they try them, they’ll get addicted. In addition to that, all of them spend online most of the day and the most common reason of that was to stay connected with their friends and family members.


 I used my BlackBerry curve mobile 4GB that can record from it easily. I can download anything from my BB to the computer just by using a small usb device. After downloading the videos from my phone, I had to upload them to the YouTube. Downloading the video did not take a lot of time and it was very simple. I also edited the videos from YouTube which is very helpful and easy. You can add different things to the video after downloading it. I added annotations and also subtitles. The annotations were from the YouTube. But about the subtitles, I had to use this website:  Well, I tried to use the subtitles from the website but unfortunately it didn’t work even after trying it more than 10 times. It was really difficult and that was the most difficult thing in the whole project. So, I figured out that I can do the subtitles using the annotations just by listing them down.

 Besides that, I really enjoyed doing this project and basically it was the most entertaining one among all other projects we had. I enjoyed interviewing people about new media. Knowing more on what people think about new media and what they have against it. I also enjoyed uploading the videos on YouTube and editing them because it did not take time and it was uncomplicated. Hopefully I’m going to learn more about how to make my channel on YouTube interesting and hearing from random people.

I can say that the least favorite part of this project was not being able to use the proper way of the subtitles.

Honestly, I didn’t like the current affairs #lausocial course at the beginning because I never knew what the real uses of the media are. Also, I think I’m benefiting a lot from using blogs, twitter, and now YouTube. It is really pleasant and cheerful to write about yourself, make your own channel and see people commenting on them. Not to forget that twitter can bring you all different news from a second to another. So I think I’m going to continue this thing I’m doing even after the semester ends.

This is my Channel on YouTube: