It’s a collection of different sections presenting several pieces of art. It has so many entrances that someone could get lost easily. As a fact it’s well known with its shops that sell jewelries, bags, carpets, spices, and also antique shops. I guarantee you cannot just window shop without buying anything because it is irresistible. If you are looking for such a journey you must visit The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Bazaar was so enormous that I couldn’t see its end as my eyes kept on turning around the place with nonstop. I was amazed with the high aged walls that surround The Bazaar. The architecture of them was very well designed that I felt I am inside a painting. Not only that, but it took me to an authentic old world when there weren’t any shopping malls just old shops next to each others.

As I continued, the shops were totally covered by the mass of people. People from different nationalities were walking and stopping in every shop just like me. The salesmen were calling for what they’re buying and welcoming everyone to their shops. Each one of them was offering coffee or tea with a warm smile. As soon as they figured out that my sister and I were Arabs, they started speaking and singing in Arabic to make an impression.

My Sister and I Enjoying The Bazaa

In addition to that, each street was holding different types of merchandises, starting with gold and precious stones that were not very low in prices. I had to bargain in each shop to get the price that I wanted. Also, antique shops were very tempting as they were selling sculptures that were 100 year old. Turkish carpets are very expensive as well because most of them are handmade and unique. They put many colors and decorations in them that make them attracting.

It took me more than 3 hours to walk around and see the shops and I couldn’t finish them all. I wasn’t able to carry on because of the smell of “Shawarma” that was all over the place. They served it in hot “pita” bread with vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, onions and also french-fries. Additionally, there were many good restaurants in the bazaar for people to have lunch after shopping. They offer more than one variety of food such as ShishKabab, sandwiches, homemade pies and cakes, and many more.

Grand Bazaar is an experience that is giving people a mixture of the old Eastern and Western world. It takes them to a journey between antique sculptures, jewelries, clothing, and delicious food. I carried out a lot of memories that are still glued in my head and I’m willing to visit it again.